Editorial Guidelines

Editorial guidelines are a set of rules that determine the style, structure and rules that our writers adhere to when creating content here at Online-Slot.co.uk. Here’s what to expect.

Why Do We Need Guidelines?

Guidelines are needed to create transparency and honestly for our readers. With a uniformed and structured approach to creating content, our readers can digest and absorb information in a consistent manner to find out more about online slots and the UK casinos you can play them at.

As mentioned in the sections above, our aim is to provide detailed information so our readers can make the best judgement for themselves as to what slots to play and where to play them. Focusing fully on the reader, our content is written from a slot players’ point of view.

When Do Our Guidelines Apply?

The team here at Online-Slot.co.uk adhere to all policies at all times. We aim to keep content up to date as things change rapidly in the online gaming industry. This is true regarding UK Gambling Commission regulations.

For example, rules and guidelines regarding Terms & Conditions, spin speed, autoplay and bonus buy features. If content doesn’t adhere to our strict guidelines, the review/article will not be published.

Basic Principles

Having clear principles and objectives are important to us here at Online-Slot.co.uk. Honesty, transparency and accuracy are crucial to maintaining a high standard of content and being a valuable resource for our readers. We’re happy to highlight the pros and cons as well as give an honest assessment of a slot or casino found on the site.

Facts + Data

Where possible, we aim to have 100% correct information and data for our slot and casino reviews. We work closely with casino operators and slot providers to provide factual and accurate data/information to give a complete overview and picture. Content is revisited constantly to ensure information is up to date. You will see the last update date on our reviews too.

Content Mistakes

Being human beings, we are not perfect (even though may think we are). Typos, grammatical errors and general oversights are bound to happen with thousands of slot reviews conducted.

If you find any mistakes or errors, please get in contact with us via our Contact Us page and point out any error you may have noticed. Regarding slot demos, if a particular game demo isn’t working, please contact us so we can rectify it immediately.

Original Content

All content found here at Online-Slot.co.uk is completely original and authentic. Plagiarism is not tolerated as we are an independent resource created by slot players for slot players. As mentioned, we gather information and data from slot providers and casinos and report the facts. We also give our honest assessment even though it can be negative at times.


All writers here at Online-Slot.co.uk buy in to our ethos and guidelines. With years of experience as slots players, we have both permanent writers and sometimes freelancers. All contributors adhere to same principles we uphold so proudly.


As mentioned, we have close relationships with slot providers and casino operators. This forms the basis of our content. We also keep a keen eye on gaming industry publications, social media outlets and other media to create the best possible content quality. When an external source is used, it’s clearly indicated as per journalistic standards.

Guest Posts

Online-Slot.co.uk does not accept guest posts in any circumstance. We receive numerous daily requests which will be ignored.

Affiliate Links

All internal and external links found in our slot and casino reviews aim to give the reader the opportunity to discover a relevant topic and more context. For example, we may recommend a better slot with the same theme or one that offers a higher RTP rate or max win potential. Links to casinos or slots are only present when it makes sense to the reader and to the context of the content.

Business Relations

As an affiliate site, Online-Slot.co.uk finances itself through deals with the casino operators. That said, rankings/ratings cannot be purchased. Our slot reviews are impartial and honest and, more importantly, not influenced whatsoever by the provider’s views or opinions.

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Last updated: May 24, 2023

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