World Cup 2022: The UK’s Booziest Cities Revealed

The four-year wait is over and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is fast approaching. Granted, this tournament will be different than most. We’ve traded sunny evenings in the beer garden for cold nights surrounded by Christmas decorations. One thing that won’t change, though, is how hard we celebrate, and we’ve got the data to prove it. surveyed England football fans across the country and asked a simple question; how much more alcohol will you drink during The World Cup tournament? We crunched the numbers, and we can now reveal the booziest cities in the UK.

Which Cities Made The Top 10?

There is a clear winner here. Durham residents expect to drink 56% more than they usually would during The World Cup Tournament. The North East is a huge football region, so it’s no surprise to also see Newcastle up in third place at 33%. Wedged in between those is Hull, reportedly expecting a 35% increase in alcohol consumption.

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There is little to separate Portsmouth (28%), Manchester (27%), Nottingham (27%), London (26%), and Birmingham (26%). Although, London has a bigger population than every city on the list combined and only lands in 6th place.

An honourable mention for Southampton (23%) in 9th place. Finally, we have Edinburgh (22%). We know what you’re thinking. Edinburgh is in Scotland. But believe it or not, there are some England fans in Edinburgh, and they are probably drinking more to drown out the noise of their Scottish friends.

What England Fans Would Give To Win The World Cup

As part of the same study, we asked England fans what they would do, or give, if it meant that England would win The World Cup. Considering it’s been 56 years since England lifted the trophy, some of the responses were a little extreme.

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More than 26% of England fans asked would get a permanent tattoo if it meant England won the tournament. There’s no mention of what tattoo, or where, so that could change things. A further 20% would shave their heads, or give up meat to become a vegetarian.

Despite admitting to drinking significantly more during The World Cup,16% of those same fans would give up alcohol for the rest of their lives to see England crowned champions.


In November 2022, we surveyed 1,500 UK residents that support the England national football team. The respondents were 80% male and 20% female and the average age was 39.

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Last updated: April 20, 2023

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