Super Bowl: Are Brits Big Fans of American Football?

The final playoff of the NFL is coming up on the 13th of February and we are already thrilled to see the final score and Rihanna take the stage during the halftime show for her anticipated iconic return. How are Brits getting ready for this day?

Almost half of the British, 45.5% exactly, will tune in to watch the Super Bowl LVII. However, according to survey results, the number of viewers this year will drop compared to other years, as a whopping 64.7% have admitted to having watched it in the past. Also, it is worth mentioning that over 30% of the Brits, 34.2% exactly, have a favourite team that they would like to see win.

Why are Brits watching Super Bowl LVII?

There are many reasons why people want to watch Super Bowl this year. Turns out that over half of the Brits (61.2%) are watching Super Bowl LVII for the game itself, and 19.3% are watching it to see Queen Riri’s halftime show. 13.7% affirmed that they watch the game with friends or family and are really looking forward to sharing that evening with them.

The betting aspect of the game is what is going to keep 2.8% of the Brits glued to the screen while the game is on. Also, it is well known that the commercials broadcasted during the Super Bowl are a cultural phenomenon on their own, and 1.5% of Brits confess that they only want to watch the game for those. The same percentage have a special dinner or snacks while they watch the game and that is the reason why they will watch the game.

Super Bowl Viewership Across The UK

How long will they watch the game?

Despite the time difference (the game will start at 11.30 pm UK time), the vast majority (70.2%) will watch the game until the end. To be fair, if you tune in so late in the evening to watch a game, it makes sense to watch it until the end, right? It is going to be hard to wake up the next morning to go to work, so we might as well go all the way.

19,4% will only watch until Rihanna’s show is done, almost the same percentage of people that are watching the Super Bowl for the halftime show.

Where will they watch Super Bowl LVII?

Since the game is so late in the evening, it makes sense that most people (79.6%) will watch it at home. 15.4% will go to a friend’s house and a small percentage (4.5%) will decide to go to a pub to watch it.


In January 2023 we surveyed 1,500 UK residents and ask them about their preferences when watching Super Bowl. Male participation (69%) was higher than female participation (31%). People from all four UK countries participated in the survey.

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Last updated: April 20, 2023

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