Wolverine Slot Review

Wolverine is a Marvel Series slot powered by Playtech. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, you can play from just 25p a spin or as much as £250 a spin. The video slot is based on the Hollywood movie which stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The game has 2 great bonus features where Wolverine claws at the reels for extra wilds and gets injected with Adamantium to freeze all wilds.

Firstly, I have noticed Wolverine has a Turbo mode feature which spins the reels really quickly. This is the first Playtech slot that has this feature and is one I really like. You can go any Playtech slot and make the reels spin quickly but many players don’t know it’s there. This Turbo mode feature is a welcome addition and one I am sure will be offered on all Playtech slots in due course.

You will also notice that the Wolverine symbol will appear as a single wild, double stacked wild or triple stacked wild on all 5 reels. Anyway, look out for the Berserker Rage symbol on reel 5 in the base game as this will trigger the Berserker Rage feature. You will see Wolverine appear on the reels to do 1 of 3 things.

If it lands on the top, between 2 and 4 symbols turn into wilds. If it lands in the middle, 3 to 5 wilds symbols are distributed on the reels. The best if it lands on the bottom position as 2 reels will turn in stacked wilds (2 wild reels!). You will get 1 re-spin with either of the above. This feature triggers quite frequently which is good.

The main feature is the Adamantium Free Games feature which you can trigger by getting 3 or more Syringe symbols anywhere in view. You are rewarded with 12 free spins but you will notice there is an Adamantium tank with 12 levels. Trigger the feature with 3 Syringes will give you 4 levels, trigger with 4 Syringes will give you 8 levels and triggering with 5 Syringes will give you 12 levels.

When a Wolverine wild appears on the reels, a level of Adamantium from the tank is used to inject the wild and freeze it for the next free spin. The tank level reduces by 1. Look out for the Syringe symbol though as when it appears, the Adamantium level goes up by 1. This feature can be long winded but you will win big if you get a few wilds early in the feature. This can lead to plenty of wilds on the reels which will give you the bigger winning totals.

I quite like Wolverine even though the Adamantium Free Games feature is hit or miss. Getting wilds early can lead to big wins which is great but this won’t happen every time. It’s definitely a welcome addition to the Marvel Series slots family but I personally prefer playing The Avengers for example.