Spider-Man Attack of the Green Goblin Slot Review

Spider-Man Attack of the Green Goblin is a Marvel slot powered by Playtech. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines and can be played from 25p a spin to £125 a spin. In this game, Spider-Man confronts his arch nemesis the Green Goblin – it has a classic comic book theme. The game benefits from 2 mystery features, 2 cash bonus features and 3 free spins features! One thing to note – like the Wolverine slot, it uses the Turbo Mode feature where the reels spin quickly – this is good for regular players (such as myself).

On to the features (there’s a lot of them) – in the base game, there are 2 randomly triggered features. Firstly there is the Spider-Man Wild feature where you will see Spider-Man swinging over the reels turning between 2, 3 or 4 symbols into wilds. Then there’s the Spidey Snapshot feature where Spider-Man appears on the screen hanging upside down allowing his picture to be taken. You will win between 3 and 10 times your stake as a cash prize. The potential return from these 2 features is not that good but they trigger quite frequently.

Look out for the Spider-Man Bonus symbol as when it appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 it will activate the Spider-Man Collection Bonus feature. You will see a collection of comic books with each of them representing a various bonus feature. The comic books start shuffling and you need to click on Stop to reveal your bonus feature.

You have the Ultimate Fight feature where Spider-Man and the Green Goblin face each other for a battle on a city rooftop. Each rival starts the fight with a full power bar of 20 and ends when an opponent’s power reaches 0. You need to choose 1 of the 5 question marks to reveal Spider-Man, Green Goblin or the Power Unit.

You will get a cash prize for every successful strike Spider-Man makes. If you get a 3rd consecutive strike for either opponent, you will award a combo strike which is more powerful. You will win a bigger cash prize if Spider-Man defeats the Green Goblin! The maximum you can win is 40 times your stake.

Then you have the City Chase feature where Spider-Man swings across the city to hunt the Green Goblin down. When Spider-Man makes a stop, he might collect Hazard Spidey Sense or Intuition Spidey Senses. The Hazard Spidey Sense helps you evade the Collect option and allows you to pick again. The Intuition Spidey Sense allows you to see the prizes on offer that appear in the mini-bonus. There are 10 encounters in this feature (maximum) and when I’ve played, the value wasn’t that good.

The best features are the free spins features. Beginning with the Hot Zone Free Games feature, you will receive 20 free spins. Spider-Man can swing across the screen throwing cobwebs at the reels. This will create Hot Zones as such. If during the following 3 spins a wild or Green Goblin symbol gets caught in the Hot Zone, they will remain stuck. The Green Goblin pays out double too!

Then you have the Rivaling Free Games feature where you get 10 free spins with a 1x multiplier initially. You will see the Spider-Man and Green Goblin icons added to reel 3. When the Spider-Man icon appears, the free spins counter will freeze. When it appears again, the multiplier will go up to 1x. It can go up to 5x in total.

If the Green Goblin icon appears, it will unfreeze the free spins counter and reduce the multiplier down to 1x. This can continue for quite a while with an unlimited number of free spins being awarded. I managed to win nearly 200 times my stake on my first go in this feature.

Lastly you have the Radioactive Free Games feature where you get 15 free spins. The Radioactive spider symbol is added to reel 3 and acts like a wild. When it appears on reel 3, 3 additional identical symbols are added on reels 2 and 4. This will therefore give you more wilds on the reels giving more chances to win bigger.

The Spider-Man Attack of the Green Goblin slot is aesthetically beautiful but the real value is in the free spins features. In particular, the Rivaling Free Games feature is where the big wins will come from. It’s a good slot game with many features but most of them won’t give you much in return. Just hope you get the free spins features as this is where the real value lies.