One of the first ever video games to be released was Pong in 1972. Games developer Pariplay has updated the simple Atari classic to create a 5 reel, 20 payline slot whose highlights include 6 wild modifier extras. Play on all devices from 20p to £20 per spin.

The design here combines both old and new – of course there’s more to see than in the 1972 video game which has just 2 icons bobbing up and down the left and right hand sides of the screen and a ball bouncing between them.  The reels are set within an old school Atari arcade cabinet. Here you’ll see blocky, 8-bit-style plum, cherries, lemon, orange and bell symbols enclosed in console cartridges.

You’ll also see a selection of Atari-related paraphernalia including joysticks and the classic console which is the top payer, awarding 20 times your stake if you land 5 on a payline. There’s a definite retro feel to the design but it’s all bright, fresh and works well enough especially in combination with the synth-heavy, electro soundtrack.

The symbol you’ll really be hoping to see is the Atari logo which is the game’s wild – when this symbol hits on the middle position of reel 3, you’ll trigger 1 of 6 Referee Wild features.

These are standard wilds, wilds that expand horizontally, wilds that expand vertically, wilds that leave a trail of up to 6 wilds, wilds that offer a re-pin and multiplier wilds that boost payouts by 3x or 5x.

There should be something for everyone in Pong – players of a certain age will get a pang of nostalgia for simple bat and ball game action that seemed so cutting edge at the time. Younger players who can’t see the attraction of such primitive gameplay will find this updated version much more to their liking.

The design is a big step up from the original (but how could it not be?) and the wild extras deliver a steady stream of action. Pong was at the forefront of the computer game revolution of the 1970s. This slot version isn’t quite some ground-breaking.

It certainly has its attractions though and you fancy a simple, retro flavoured slot that’s been given a funky overhaul then you’ll want to take a close look at Pong. I also recommend you take a look at Star Raiders and Asteroids which are also Atari games made into slots by Pariplay.