Aliens Slot Review

Aliens is a branded slot game powered by Net Entertainment that has been produced in co-operation with 20th Century Fox. Featuring all new 3D graphics, it’s based on the 1986 cult film directed by James Cameron and starring Sigourney Weaver. Sequel to the 1979 film, Aliens was a worldwide hit and still fondly revered. The slot version has 5 reels and 15 paylines and be played from 15p a spin to £150 a spin.

Aliens features wild substitutions, re-spins and collectable multipliers – the graphics are amazing as you get a first-hand view from the Marine’s helmet camera as you play with the soundtrack making you feel tense yet excited. The aim is to scan infested premises for Alien activity and shoot through waves of Alien attacks in order to reach the Queen Hive to win a huge cash bonus.

The game is divided into 3 stages with the first being Level 1: The Search. Here, you scan infested premises for Alien activity and collect symbols (each with their own multiplier value) to add to the Alien Activity Meter. This has 9 steps of which you need to obtain the maximum amount to move on to Level 2: The Encounter.

Level 2: The Encounter begins with a bang as a symbol overlay will guarantee you a win on the very first spin. The aim in this level is to survive the onslaught of Alien attacks so you can reach the Queen Hive. The multipliers you collected in Level 1 are transferred to this level and applied to wins on the symbols shown. You can get up to a 6x multiplier on 3 symbols in a spin for big wins.

Look out for the Ammo Clip Reel as this contains Ammo symbols. If they appear on the centre position of the reel it will increase the Ammo Clip Counter activating re-spins. The Ammo Clip Counter goes down by 1 after ever spin (this is after shooting the Aliens).

Then you will move on the Level 3: The Hive with 5 re-spins awarded. This is where the Queen Hive can be destroyed. Each step you complete on the Hive Health Meter gives you a cash prize with 240 times your stake awarded if you kill the Queen and the Hive is destroyed. The damage caused to the Queen is caused at random with the grenade strength combined with the multiplier being the factor. Look out for multiplier on the centre position of the multiplier reel as this can multiply the damage up to 10x.

The maximum you can win in Aliens is a whopping 3,817 times your stake. Wins are not that frequent and it’s a medium variance game in my opinion. I found most of my bigger wins came in Level 2 although the 240 times your stake win for killing the Queen is appealing. It’s a truly brilliant slot game with the graphics and gameplay being something I’ve never quite seen before. The review sounds quite complicated but when you play Aliens, you will soon get the hang of it (and like it).