Wheel of Fortune On Tour is brought to you by IGT and has 5 reels and 30 paylines. Available to play only on desktop devices from 50p to £500 per spin, you get to visit the iconic American sites and win big. Symbols on the reels include the Wheel of Fortune wheel, Hollywood, New York, the White House and Mount Rushmore amongst others.

The game uses the popular Level Up Plus feature which can be found in IGT’s Nordic Heroes for example. The more you play, the more levels you will unlock which in turn opens up exciting bonus features that reward you with bigger wins. You will see a gas/petrol meter in the left-hand bottom corner of the screen – every non-triggering bonus symbol (the Winnebago) awards 1 fuel point. Every 10 fuel points will award 1 fuel tank.

Look out for 3 Winnebago bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 simultaneously as this will trigger the On Tour Bonus feature and fill the fuel gauge completely (which gives you 1 fuel tank). The Wheelmobile then moves 1 space along the map – your progress on the map is carried over onto new game sessions by the way.

When it comes to features being unlocked, it’s determined by how many miles you cover (or how many times you trigger the On Tour Bonus feature) – 5 miles unlocks the Free Play Free Spins Bonus feature slice on the On Tour Bonus wheel. 13 miles unlocks the Expanded Top Award as your chances of winning the top award are trebled. 25 miles unlocks the Letter Board Picker which triggers the Letter Board Picker feature.

45 miles unlocks the Multiplier Wedge which awards a multiplier from 2x to 5x to an additional free spin of the wheel. 80 miles will unlock the Spin to Win Bonus which triggers the Spin to Win Bonus feature. 150 miles unlocks the Bonus Trigger Boost which gives you a mystery feature randomly after certain reel spins. The On Tour Bonus feature can also be triggered with just 1 bonus symbol!

On to the features – you have the Wheelmobile Wilds feature which is triggered in the base game for any spin outcome that doesn’t contain a bonus symbol on the 1st reel. 1 to 4 types of any symbol (apart from the wild or bonus) are randomly chosen and transformed into wilds.

The Free Play Free Spins Bonus feature gives you 3 free spins – in the first free spin, 1 symbol is randomly chosen to become a wild. In the second free spin, another randomly chosen symbol will also become wild. In the third free spin, 1 more symbol transforms into a wild giving you 3 additional wild symbols on the last free spin. The only negative is that you cannot win more free spins.

The Letter Board Picker feature gives you 3 picks with the multiplier value set to 1x – you pick a letter in the Wheel of Fortune phrase to reveal a cash prize up to 10 times your stake, extra picks, a +1 multiplier tile (to increase the multiplier) or +1 pick/1 times stake cash prize. You can get up to 7 picks in total with the multiplier going up to 5x. All the picks are then added together with the multiplier value applied.

The Spin to Win Bonus feature allows you to choose 1 letter from the word WHEEL to reward you with a cash prize – the top award can be between 30 and 400 times your stake. You then spin the wheel and choose to accept or reject the indicated value on the wheel. You can carry on spinning until you are happy with your cash prize or you land on a 50 value slice.

Wheel of Fortune On Tour may sound complicated but it’s pretty simple once you get going – the key is to trigger the On Tour Bonus feature where you can play the bonus features. It triggers quite frequently so you need to be patient to unlock all the features. I really like the Free Play Free Spins Bonus feature as 3 additional symbols become wilds on the last free spin. In my opinion, this is the best Wheel of Fortune slot from IGT by far.