Why Play Slots Online?

Why Play Slots Online?

Playing slots online or at land-based casino has their own advantages and disadvantages in that different course suit different horses (as they say). Online-Slot.co.uk is not here to tell you which one you should choose but we will present the reasons why we believe playing slot games online is better. The experience and thrill from playing at a bricks and mortar casino is unquestioned as the buzz you get is amazing. However, online slots have many advantages:

Convenience & Accessibility

Playing slot games on the internet has become a hobby for many people and have increased in popularity since the internet first come about. The main advantage to playing slots online is that it is convenient. An internet connection is all you need to get started. Online casinos are always open (24 hours a day and 365 days a year) – therefore accessing the slots is very simple. Furthermore, all you need to do is go online which can be done by switching on your computer, laptop, tablet device or mobile phone – playing at a real casino requires you to travel.

Depositing at Online Casinos is Easy

You need to be able to make a deposit online if you are to play slot games for real money. There are a wide range of payment methods you can use such as debit or credit cards, PayPal or NETeller for example where you can make deposits and withdrawals from online casinos. For more information on the various banking options available, please check out our section.

Wear What You Want & Play Where You Want

Playing slots or any other casino game online doesn’t require a dress code. Some land-based casinos have a strict dress-up policy where you need to wear a shirt, trousers and shoes for example to get in. As you are online, you could be in your underwear if you please. You can play from your sofa, bed, living room or even on the toilet – the choice is yours.

Feel at Ease in your own Surroundings

A massive advantage to playing online is that you are comfortable in your own environment. Playing at a land-based casino may make you feel a little nervous as you may be a beginner. Online, you can research the slot games (or any other casino game for that matter) and play at your own pace. You can read about the games, their features and the online casinos you can play them at with no closing times or anyone pressuring you.

As a result, you will be able to play at ease which makes for a better overall experience. You can also play slots for free at the online casinos without having to use your own money – you won’t win any money either but you can get to know a game and if you like it and want to play it. On Online-Slot.co.uk, there is an extensive Online Slots section where you can play all the slot games for free before you go on to play for real money.

A classic example of how playing online has helped – take poker. You will see various tournaments televised on TV nowadays and you will notice that a lot of the players are very young. Some of these young poker players are some of the best poker players in the world – they’ve simply learned how to play poker online. These players also have access to play a lot more poker online that they would in a live environment.

Huge Choice of Slots Online

The biggest advantage is the fact that you have a much bigger choice of slots to play online than at land-based casinos or pubs (well, it’s important to me!). Land-based casinos such as Aspers Casino in Westfield, Stratford have a good selection or slots but nowhere near as many as there are online.

For example, you can only play Playtech-powered slots online. These include very popular games such as the Marvel slots – my favourites are The Incredible Hulk slot and Fantastic Four slot). Microgaming slots are only available online exclusively.

When it comes to IGT and WMS, they have a land-based background. Some of the slots they offer particularly in the States are not available online. If they become popular, they can be made into online games pretty easily. Cleopatra and Da Vinci Diamonds are very popular land-based games which have been equally successful online.

The reason why there are more slots online than at land-based casinos is the fact that creating an online slot is cheaper and quicker. There is no need to produce a full-blown slot machine which involves materials and extra costs. Software providers like Net Entertainment, Playtech and Microgaming produce new games monthly for example. You also don’t need to wait to play a game online as it’s a 1 on 1 relationship with the online casino whilst you may need to wait to play a particular slot game at a real casino (if someone is already playing it).

Better Payout %s

The chances of a payout are higher online than at a land-based casino – software companies can afford to give more back to the player as there are fewer overheads. Land-based casinos have rent to pay, more employees on the payroll and other costs such as lighting, entertainment and engineers. As a result, they reduce the payout %s on the slot games. A typical payout % for a land-based slot machine ranges from 70-80% whilst online ranges from 92-97%.

Promotions & Incentives

At online casinos, you will get promotions and incentives such as bonuses. If you take Virgin Casino for example, they offer all new players a 100% welcome bonus up to £100. This means that if deposit £100, you will get £100 free (you can get a bonus starting from £10 too). They also offer a monthly 100% reload bonus up to £200 where players can get up to £200 free every month.

However, you need to complete what is known as wagering requirements in order to cashout the bonus money. Basically put, you need to turn over the deposit, bonus, or deposit plus bonus amounts a certain number of times before you can withdraw it. This is put in place to protect the online casinos from bonus abuse. If you want more information on this, read the article.

Anyway, online casinos want to keep your custom so will offer you various types of promotions to keep you happy. This may include giving you free spins on a certain slot game or free casino chips on your birthday. These promotions and incentives vary from online casino to online casino but they all offer perks to being loyal to them. You won’t find this at any land-based casinos unless you are a high roller. The only thing you will get at a Las Vegas casino is free drinks but then again you have to dish out tips! If you want to find out about the latest promotions and offers from the best online casinos, check out the Slots News section.

Negatives of Playing Online

Whilst there are many advantages outlined above, land-based casinos do offer some positives. The main thing in my opinion is that the atmosphere of playing in a real casino is unrivalled. You get a certain energy from being in a real casino that cannot be replicated online. Physically seeing the coins drop out of a slot machine when you win is also a feeling that is hard to explain.

Another big advantage of playing at a land-based casino is cashing out your winnings. In a real casino, you can simply walk up to the cashier and get your hands on your winnings immediately. Online, you need to request a cashout (done via your account of course). Online casinos tend to process your cashout requests within 48 hours normally with the better operators paying within 12 hours normally. That said, all the casinos on Online-Slot.co.uk are safe and secure meaning that you will get paid – it just takes a little longer than it does in a real casinos. If you want to find out more about banking methods and the time it takes for online casinos to process your cashouts, visit the section.


In my opinion, nothing beats being in a real, land-based casino. The smell of the place, the music, lights and noises make it something special (that’s me anyway!). However, as a person who loves playing slots, playing online has many, many advantages. In an ideal world, I would play online and try out all the new slot games and also head down to the local casino and play my favourites. Both propositions have good things for me but playing on a regular basis means it has to be online as it’s only a click away!

On the whole, playing at online casinos is highly recommended. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks and if you choose reputable online casinos, you won’t have any problems. Casino Manual recommends that you read our other articles such as our next article