Reverse Withdrawals & Manual Flushing

Reverse Withdrawals & Manual Flushing

Whilst you won’t see the terms reverse withdrawals and manual flushing used all that often, you should be aware of what they mean and represent as it could affect your online gaming experience with your chosen online casinos.

Firstly let’s look at reverse withdrawals – this is otherwise known as reverse pending time too. Certain online casinos do choose to use a reverse withdrawal feature. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages and explain what it means to you.

A reverse withdrawal can be defined as a feature used by online casinos for their players to reverse their withdrawal or cashout request. The online casinos will naturally prefer all their customers to cancel their withdrawal/cashout requests and use those funds at the online casino (hopefully lose it too!).

Online casinos will normally hold a player’s cashout request for a designated period of time (up to 48 hours sometimes). Despite many players believing that online casinos do this so that players cancel their requests and lose the funds back to the online casino, they implement this as they need to verify payment details and sometimes process thousands of transactions. This buffer period gives the online casino sufficient time to carry on security checks and make sure all the details are perfect.

For example, there are casino players known as bonus hunters who open multiple casino accounts in order to gain an unfair advantage when it comes to casino bonuses. You also get players who open accounts using stolen credit and debit cards or try to launder illegally gained money. This is the main reason why online casinos request identification documents when a player first attempts to withdraw or cashout.

As online casinos are licensed and regulated, these stringent checks are in place to ensure players safety is always maintained as well as the online casino running a transparent and fair operation.

Furthermore, processing withdrawals costs money to the online casinos. If an online casino is processing thousands of withdrawals daily, these fees can be quite significant. The reverse withdrawal feature will see a small percentage of players cancel their cashout requests thus saving the online casino some money. Finally, if an online casino processes a large batch of payments, it’s cheaper than processing them in smaller numbers.

If you take Mr Green Casino or Paddy Power Games, they don’t offer reverse withdrawals – this means that once you have submitted a withdrawal/cashout request, you cannot withdraw it. In terms of your mental strength as a player, this is great as you cannot be tempted to cancel your cashout request.

If you take 32Red Casino, they allow you to set the length of your reverse withdrawal – this can be set to as little as 4 hours. This is quite a short space of time to reverse a cashout but it can be used to your advantage. A lot of the scenarios described above depend on you as a person and the self control you have.

If you have a certain level of self discipline, you will be able to resist reversing your withdrawal. We recommend that you cashout when you have won an amount you’re happy with. You should set this limit before you start playing and stick to it though. Furthermore, always leave a small amount in your online casino account or in your e-wallet solution just in case you want to play again. This way you won’t be tempted to reverse your withdrawal.

Some online casinos also offer manual flushing – manual flushing can be described as you ‘flushing’ your account so there are no funds in it. If you do this, you will not be able to reverse your withdrawal. 32Red Casino allows you to flush your account for example.

However, sometimes you need funds to play a new slot game or take advantage of a bonus or promotion that has just become available. Some players will want to use the funds they have in the online casino rather than re-deposit. If you cannot reverse the withdrawal, you will need to deposit again. Reversing a cashout is easier than depositing.

We believe that you can use reverse withdrawals and manual flushing to your advantage. You need to have control over your own actions and your funds. This is fundamental as a lot depends on this. If you are easily tempted to reverse your cashout, set yourself a limit you’d like to cashout BEFORE you start playing. If you don’t think you can do that we recommend you play slots at Paddy Power Games or Mr Green Casino who won’t allow you to reverse your withdrawal. You should also try 32Red Casino or bet365 Games who process cashouts very quickly.

We conclude that there is no right or wrong regarding reverse withdrawals or manual flushing. In an ideal world, you would have a reverse withdrawal period with the option to manually flush your account. Simply put, you need to be in control and play sensibly. If not, the online casinos will be happy to take your money.