Using Credit and Debit Cards at Online Casinos

Using credit and debit cards in standard practice in everyday life – this is due to the convenience they provide as they are reliable, safe to use and quick. Most people use them nowadays to buy products online including their shopping.

You can also use debit or credit cards to deposit funds in an online casino as it provides you with the security you need. It’s also one of the quickest payment methods when it comes to both depositing and withdrawing. The most popular credit cards are MasterCard and Visa – in terms of debit cards, there are also Maestro and Solo in the UK.

Both debit and credit cards do exactly the same thing – you can deposit funds into your chosen online casino instantly. Some online casinos do charge some fees for withdrawing sometimes but none of the casinos here at do so fortunately.

In terms of withdrawing (or cashout times as its otherwise known), processing times vary between 1 and 5 days generally. Most of the online casinos at will process your cashout within 24 hours – it then depends on how long it takes to hit your account (this depends on your bank/credit card provider). The time it takes to reach you is the only real negative of using a debit or credit card.

Debit and credit cards may appear to fulfil the same qualities but they are some differences. Using debit cards is like taking money direct from your bank account and putting it into your casino account. You can therefore only deposit what you have in your bank account so to speak. This is a positive thing as you will be playing with funds you can afford to deposit.

With credit cards, you deposit funds into your casino account – the total of these funds is accumulated and then you need to pay the credit card off. You can choose to do this as soon as you making the transaction or pay over time (with interest of course). If you don’t have the funds or means to pay a credit card off, it can accumulate and spiral out of control – you need to be careful.

In terms of advantages of using a credit card, there are a couple. Most credit cards will reward you with benefits such as loyalty points and air miles for example. You can then use these to book holidays, travel tickets or buy products (Nectar springs to mind). Barclaycard offer you tickets to Premier League matches for example. Debit cards unfortunately, don’t offer these rewards.

Credit cards also offer you more protection than debit cards – under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, if you spend between £100 and £30,000, you are protected. If in the unlikely event that an online casino or an online shopping merchant goes bankrupt, you can get your funds back (as long as it’s between the limits specified). If you deposit more than £100 a time at an online casino, use a credit card over a debit card.

Finally, debit cards are better than credit cards for keeping tabs on what you spending. You can easily check your balance as cash machines (or cash points) as there are many about. Nowadays, you can check your credit card statement online on a daily basis but this isn’t as assessable for some people as cash machines.

All in all, we would recommend using a debit card over a credit card as they are no fees at all at the online casinos represented on It’s also easier to keep control over what you deposit whilst it can get out of hand using a credit card. It’s down to personal choice at the end of the day but if you want faster cashout times, we would recommend you use NETeller, MoneyBookers or PayPal.