Online Casino Banking Methods

There are various banking methods available to use at online casinos – you can use these to deposit and withdraw funds from the online casinos themselves. Obviously, every banking method (or payment method as it’s referred to) is not for everyone so our aim is to present you with the ins and outs of the major banking methods so you can make an informed choice of which one to use.

We will highlight the positives of a particular banking method. You will also see any negatives too – this will give you a better all round perception of how a certain banking method can work for you. Depositing and withdrawing at online casinos is safe – well, there are some bad online casinos out there which will take a while to process your withdrawals.

You won’t find any of them on though. We’ve personally played at all the online casinos represented here and can confirm you won’t have any problems whatsoever as they are reputable companies.

Back to banking methods, we will include the little details like fees involved (if any), how long it takes to receive your withdrawals and so on. Most banking methods are free to use when depositing but some do charge a small fee when withdrawing. Also, some take longer than others due to administrative processes – for example, for an online casino to pay you via bank transfer, it costs them a fee (around £30).

If they process each individual transaction separately, it could cost them a fortune. If they process these altogether in a batch, their costs will be significantly reduced. Therefore, the online casino may process bank transfers twice a week for example.

Please find below a table which will give you the basic information on the major banking methods – if you want to find out more about a particular banking method, click on the banking method name.

Banking Method Description Fees Deposit Times Withdraw Times
They are the most common method for depositing and withdrawing your funds – this is because everyone has one or the other (and mostly both) and are secure. None Instant 1-4 days
PayPal is extremely popular (100 million active customers) as you don’t need to provide your details to any online casino. Can be used on many websites such as eBay. None Instant 24 Hours
Now called Skrill and boasts over 15 million customers. It’s secure, quick and regulated – also available at nearly all online casinos. £1.54 to
Instant Instant
A very popular e-wallet solution which offers pre-paid cards and offers a refer a friend service. £5 to Withdraw Instant Instant
Despite being slow to withdraw funds, is still popular with casino players. Fees from the online casinos vary quite a bit. Vary 3-5 Days 3-7 Days

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