Slots Glossary

Slots reportedly account for over 80% of online casino revenues making them the most popular type of casino games. Playing slots couldn’t be easier – if you playing at a land based casino you need to pull the level or press a button whilst online you need to click on the ‘Spin’ or ‘Bet’ button. Then you need to hope you getting a winning combination of symbols to give you a win.

Slots have grown in popularity due to its simplicity – there is no interactivity with a dealer (such as Blackjack) and you can play at your own leisure and pace. Understanding the terms used for a slot game is key to making the most out of your slots experience.

The classic slot machine or game features 3 reels with 1 payline (the line across the middle). Getting 3 of the same symbols will result in a win – different symbols will constitute different prize amounts. Slot games have developed though with more variations and features – the following table showcases all the terms and variables you’ll ever come across:

Term Descriptions
Coins Coins represent the money you gamble when playing the slot game – normally you can choose how many coins you stake per line or the value of the coin. For some slots, you can play for £1,000s a spin resulting in bigger wins – play within your means though so you can make the most of your bankroll.

The reels are the columns or sections of the slot game (where the symbols appear on). When you play the slot game (by clicking ‘Spin’ normally), the reels will spin. Classic slot games have 3 reels with modern day video slots typically have 5 reels.


The symbols are the images that you see fill the reels. Classic slots will have 3 symbols per reel – you can expect to see classic symbols such as cherries, 7s and melons. Newer video slots can have anything as their symbols – the possibilities are endless and match the theme of the slot game itself.


This represents how many lines there are in a slot game – you will see slots being referred to as a 25 payline slot game which means it has 25 paylines. On most slots, you can determine how many paylines you bet on. The more paylines you bet on is better as you have more of a chance of winning but it will cost you more coins (or money).

Max Bet

This term is an abbreviation of the maximum bet size you can place on a single ‘Spin’. If a slot game allows 1 coin per payline and it’s a 5 reel, 50 payline slot, you will therefore be using 250 coins for each spin.

Line Bet

This represents the amount you can bet on 1 payline – some slots allow you to choose how many coins you use per line.


The paytable is a place which highlights the payouts of a particular slot game – it will tell you what the prizes are for the winning combinations you can get including how to trigger the bonus rounds and features.


This will tell you what the cash prize is when you form a winning combination – this can be displayed in coins or a monetary amount depending on your bet amount.


Autoplay is a modern feature where a player can preset the number of spins to take place so that the game automatically carries it out for you. This varies from slot game to slot game but is typically used by more seasoned slots players.


Scatter symbols are found in newer video slot games – these will multiply your wins according to how many you get.


Wild symbols are considered like jokers – this means they replace other symbols to the best symbols possible to form a winning combination. If you have 2 matching symbols and a wild, the wild will act like one of the matching symbols to form a 3 symbol winning combination.

Free Spins

Most new slot games feature free spins – this is normally in a bonus round and a free bonus to the slots player. Some slots feature many free spins and some less – the value of these free spins vary though from slot to slot. In theCleopatra II slot game, you can get up to 50 free spins for example.

Bonus Round

Bonus rounds are extra features of newer slot games – they normally consist of free spins or a Pick Me feature where you can win cash prizes.


Multiplier don’t apply to all slot games – in bonus rounds, players can win free spins with a multiplier value. For example, in the 300 Shields slot game, you can get up to a 300x multiplier. This means that your win will be multiplied by 300 if you get certain winning combinations.

Pick Me Feature

This is a particular type of bonus round where the player has to choose from a set number of options to win a cash prize.

Progressive Jackpot

Some slot games have a progressive jackpot attached – as players play the particular slot game, a portion of their losses go into a jackpot pot which increases. There is a certain combination needed to win the jackpot though – jackpot amounts vary from thousands to several millions.

Random Number Generator

Random Number Generators (or RNGs) are what slot games are based/run on – this is software basically that ensures that the outcome is random and fair. All trustworthy online casinos have verified RNGs.

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