Slot Variance

Slot variance is basically defined as the risk a slot game poses. Variance is a term or word used by the online casino industry personnel. Slots can therefore be classed as low, medium or high variance slot games. This isn’t to be confused with a low, medium or high payout percentage though – a slot game that is high variance may have a high payout percentage than one that is low variance.

Slot variance can therefore be looked at the chance of winning. For example, let’s take a high variance slot game such as Thunderstruck II. This is a high variance slot because you don’t win often but when you do, the wins tend to be high. The problem is that getting a big win may eat up a lot of your bankroll in the process. As a result of the nature of Thunderstruck II, you won’t trigger the bonus feature very often. But when you do, expect a decent return.

Scarface by NetEnt is considered a low variance slot game as you will trigger the bonus round (Board Bonus) quite frequently. Whilst this is good to some extent, the expected return won’t be that high normally. However, this is a great slot game and can generate some good wins too. Saying this, your bankroll will last longer.

Slot variance can be perceived either way – i.e. good or bad. It depends a lot on you as a player really. If you are looking for a smaller profit and expect to play a particular slot game for a prolonged period of time, you should stick to low variance slots. If you have £50 to play with for example, we’d recommend you stick to lower variance slots so you can play for as long as possible. If you were to play Thunderstruck II or Immortal Romance for example, that £50 won’t last very long.

If you are a high roller or have a bigger bankroll to play with, and are looking for a big win, high variance slots are the way to go. This means you can afford to not have a decent win for a while and have the bankroll to ride through those ‘dry’ spells. Expect lots of ‘dry’ spells too. Once you win big, you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

However, remember that all slots are random and you may not win at all necessarily. You need to make sure to never chase your losses as this will lead you to ultimately lose more. If you do win big, make sure you cashout so you have something to show for your time playing.

In conclusion, a lot depends on your bankroll and what you expect to achieve from playing slots. If you are looking for a big win, stick to high variance slots. If you have a smaller bankroll and want to play for a long period of time, stick to low variance slots. If you are somewhere in the middle, play medium variance slots.

You may ask yourself how you determine variance – play a slot game of choice and note what you get in return (i.e. wins back etc). This should tell you what variance a slot game is. To see what the high variance slots are recommended, check out the best high variance slots article including Lord of the Ocean by Novomatic and Great Blue by Playtech.