Slot Types

There are many different type of slot games that you can play both in land based casinos (that’s brick and mortar casinos) and online casinos. With new slots appearing all the time online (on a weekly basis), you should know what the slots are and what type you prefer.

Reading the previous Slots Glossary article would have taught you all the basic terms and names for all things associated with slot games/machines. Slots are easy to play but we aim to show you the various types of slots that are at your disposal – ranging from the classic slot machines right through to modern and popular slots being created today. See the table below:

Slot Types Descriptions
3 Reel Slots 3 Reel Slots are classic in that they are modeled on the original slot machine invented by Charles Fey. There are obviously 3 reels which classic symbols such as melons, cherries, 7s and bars and cards. With 3 reel slots, they typically have a 1 payline which runs across the middle of the reels. Some of these slots have perhaps 3 or 5 paylines (across top, centre and bottom for 3 paylines & top, centre, bottom, top left to bottom right and bottom left to top right – diagonal).
5 Reel Slot 5 Reel Slots are the same as 3 Reel Slots but with 5 reels instead (hence the name). They can be harder to win on than 3 Reel versions but the rewards are bigger to compensate.You will notice 5 reel slots have jokers per say (known as Wilds) which will help you form winning combinations.
Video Slots These types of slots are the common nowadays in online casinos and the most popular with slots players. They come with a huge variety of themes and images – literally there is no limit to the difference in how they appear.Most video slot games have 5 reels but some feature up to 9 reels. Paylines vary up to 1,024 paylines which means more possibilities of winning. You need to bear in mind that playing all paylines will cost you more money (or coins) though. If a video slot has 30 paylines and the coin size is 50p, you will be playing at £15 a spin. We suggest starting on smaller stakes to maximize your time playing.
Bonus Slots Bonus slots are video slots with a bonus round or feature. You normally activate these by getting 3 or more symbols (normally called ‘Bonus’) on certain reels (varies from slot to slot). If you want to find out how to trigger a bonus round in a particular slot game, check the ‘Info’ or ‘Paytable’ button.Most bonus features consist of awarding you free spins or a ‘Pick Me’ feature. Free spins tend to play themselves out and your winnings will be totaled and added to your balance. ‘Pick Me’ features consist of you making a choice (i.e. choose 1 of 3 boxes) to reveal a cash prize. A slot game with a great bonus features is Playtech’s The Avengers which are centered on the main characters.
Multi Spin Slots Multi Spins slots are most normally played by more experienced players. They are normally 3 reel slot games with more than 1 set of reels. The best way to describe these is to think of 50 Hands Jacks or Better Video Poker –it’s basically video poker with 50 decks of cards. An example of a good multi-spin slot game is WMS Gaming’s Montezuma.
Line Bet This represents the amount you can bet on 1 payline – some slots allow you to choose how many coins you use per line.
Progressive Jackpot Slots Progressive jackpot slots are basically slot games with a jackpot attached to them. These can be 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, video slots etc and can feature bonus rounds.The jackpots on these slots are accumulated over time – a small percentage of the losses on that particular slot go into a jackpot fund (or pot). The jackpot total will continue to increase until a lucky player hits the winning combination that is needed to win the jackpot.Some jackpot totals are in their millions due to the popularity of these types of slot games. For example, the largest jackpot ever won online was €18.7 million by a Norwegian player on Mega Fortune – you can play this slot game on Mr Green Casino.To win these huge jackpot amounts, you will need a huge amount of luck! You need to normally get 5 of the same symbols without a wild though – which is very hard to do. It’s still possible though.
Fruit Machines Fruit machines (or Fruities as they are also known) are a British type of slot games. They are called fruit machines because the symbols represent fruits such as cherries and melons. These are commonly found in pubs around the UK but they are many to play online too. They can be referred to as Amusement with Prizes machines too (AWP).In terms of fruit machines, you should expect features like ‘Hold’ and ‘Nudge’. You may get 2 of the same symbol with 1 other. You can then ‘hold’ the 2 symbols and spin to get the 3rd matching symbol (this will get you a win). When you nudge, you may move the symbol to line up a winning combination and move it into the payline.

As you can see, there are many types of slots to play. The choice is simply yours depending on your preferences. We recommend you visit our Online Slots section where you can play a large variety of slot games and get to grips on what you like. Moving on, find out about the payout percentages and what they mean when it comes to online slots.