Slot Myths

There are many myths and misconceptions associated with slots – most of these have been around for quite a while. Players tend to believe these stories as a result of going on an unlucky run or generally losing. We will list the most common myths below and give you the truth behind them. Hopefully, you will be able to play slots without these stories hanging about.

Myth Term Descriptions
1 Slots blow ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’ This is the most talked about myth and suggests that if a slot hasn’t given out a win in a while, it’s ‘Hot’ and due to dish out a big win anytime soon. Alternatively, if a slot has been paying out lately, it will be considered ‘Cold’ and thought to not be paying out soon as a result.Slots are based entirely on Random Number Generators – this means that the ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’ theories are completely false.
2 Slots have pay cycles you can predict Again, slots use Random Number Generators so cycles or trends in slot activity is impossible. If this was possible, slots wouldn’t exist.
3 You can beat slots with proven winning systems You can find many sites online claiming to give you a guaranteed winning system – for a price of course. If this were true, why would they sell it? They’d implement the so called system and keep quiet with their millions.Nothing you do will change what happens in a slot game in any way. You can increase or decrease your stake with increasing allowing you access to the top jackpot for example. It doesn’t mean you are going to win it. Don’t follow or purchase systems because they simply don’t work.
4 Pulling a lever will give you a better outcome than a button Levers and buttons are exactly the same – they are both ways of initiating a slot game spin. Levers are used in land based casinos and in classic slot games. The new slots have buttons. That’s it – no advantage either way.
5 The Payout Percentage changes during the game This is completely unfounded because slots are based on Random Number Generators that have a yearly cycle. This cannot be altered mid game or at all as reputable software is audited by third parties. Read our , you can guarantee that your gameplay is fair.
6 Playing 1 coin after another will increase your chances of triggering the jackpot For some jackpot slots, you need to play at the maximum bet amount. Look at the ‘Paytable’ or ‘Info’ section of a slot game to see exactly what is needed to win the jackpot.
7 Spinning again will result in a win. This is not true – this is also a sign that you need to stop playing slots and have a break. This is a classic sign that you are chasing your losses. Forming a winning combination in a slot game is not determined by how many spins you initiate. You could win from 50 spins on the trot or not at all from 1,000 spins – it’s completely random.
8 The jackpot symbols were in view – the win is coming soon Another unfounded myth – you can get close to various winning combinations frequently. It doesn’t mean that it come soon. Slots are based on Random Number Generators so it’s impossible.
9 If the Payout Percentage is 96%, I will get 96% of what I stake In theory this myth is true – unfortunately, this is based on yearly cycles across all game play. This can include millions of players and billions of spins. The slot will overall pay the given % out – it won’t mean it will apply specifically to you.
10 The jackpot has been triggered – now I won’t get one This is very common amongst jackpot chasers who believe they won’t win as the machine has just paid out (‘Cold’). Random Number Generators give you the satisfaction that there is a possibility that 5 jackpots can be hit in succession.

All these myths that follow slots (or slot machines) are derived from frustrated players that have lost their bankrolls. You have obviously seen the term Random Number Generators quite a lot in this article – they prove that these myths are complete rubbish and gameplay is random and unpredictable.

If a slot is not being good to you so to speak, try another game. Even try another casino if you like. Overall, you will lose on slots as they have an inbuilt house edge which no-one can alter. It’s about enjoying it and cashing out when you have a win you are happy with.