Payout Percentage

Payout percentages are not talked about or written about a lot – however, it directly affects what you get in return when playing slot games so we thought we’d provide a little information on it.
Firstly, payout percentage is the amount (in %) that is given back to the player from the casino game. It can otherwise be known as the RTP which is the Return to Player %. What this means is the percentage that the particular slot game pays out to the player. The remaining amount is therefore known as the house edge (or advantage).

If an online slot game has a payout percentage of 95%, for every £100 you stake/bet (or spin), you will on average get £95 back. The house (or the online casino) will take the remaining £5 on average. Now, this doesn’t mean it will always happen – the payout percentage is worked out on an average and normally based on a yearly cycle. Furthermore, this applies to all wagers/activity on the particular slot game which can means thousands and even millions of slots players.

In terms of the payout percentages, these are not always on hand – for example, you won’t see them mentioned for slot games at 32Red Casino. These is due to Microgaming’s policy (the software provider) not disclosing them. On the other hand, you can see the individual slot games’ payout percentage at most other casinos nowadays.

What you should look out for is online casinos that post their audited figures on their websites. 32Red Casino don’t reveal payout percentages for individual slot games but 32Red Casino are an eCOGRA certified online casino which means their games are tested and verified independently on a monthly basis.

It is the same at bet365 Casino who have a TST certificate on their website. Just so you know, all online casinos here at are reputable and have all the right credentials in place – they are many out there that aren’t so be careful and stick to the best ones.

In terms of a payout percentage, what is considered a good number? Slot games tend to be 95% plus really. In land based casinos, the slot games’ payout percentages will almost certainly be lower than online. Other casino games such as blackjack have higher payout percentages (in some cases 99%) – as a result blackjack is almost never including in wagering requirements for deposit bonuses. On a more positive note, slots always are.

All good online casinos have their software and therefore slot games audited and tested independently on a month to month basis – you will see they publish this information too on their websites (look near the bottom). The payout percentage may change from month to month too depending on results.

Our next article in the Guide to Slots section is about Slot Variance – this tells you the level of risk a slot game poses.