Guide to Slots

The slot machine was first created by Charles Fey in 1895 – since then, slots are now the most popular casino game in the world, especially online. The creation of the internet and developments in technology has resulted in many online slots created – with different styles, themes and features.

Playing slot games is simple – you need form a winning combination from the symbols by spinning the reels per say. Getting a winning combination on an active payline will give you a win of some sort. The paytable or info tab on the slot game will tell you what a winning combination of a winning symbol is – some are obviously more rewarding than others. The original slot machine has 3 reels and just 1 payline – getting 3 of the same symbols in the payline (in the centre) results in a win.

With time gone on, slot games have evolved to include multiple paylines, more reels, free spins, autoplay functionality and bonus rounds. Slots going online have resulted in huge changes – for the better though. Below you can find a table which highlights relevant articles about slots. Feel free to read.

  • 1. Slots History

    This article looks at the main reasons why playing slots online is better than playing slots at a land-based casino including a larger choice of slots, convenience, better payout %s, promotions and incentives. It also looks at the negatives such as slower cashout times.

  • 2. Slots Glossary

    Want to know all the terms used when it comes to slots? This article highlights all you need to know about slot games in terms of jargon.

  • 3. Slot Types

    There are many different types of slot games you can play – find out the differences between them and what suits you as a slots player.

  • 4. Payout Percentage

    Want to know what the slot payout percentage means? Look no further.

  • 5. Slot Variance

    Variance means the level of risk for a slot game – find out why this is important.

  • 6. Slot Myths

    There are many myths surrounding slot games which aren’t necessarily true – we look into them and give you facts.