Should I play at a Download or an Instant Play Casino?

If you’re a beginner in the online casino world, you will notice that you can play slots games via a download casino or the instant play casino. The latter takes form via your browser with the games being accessible via the online casino’s website. Instant play can also be referred to as a flash casino or a no download casino. Everyone is different but this article will look at both the positives and negatives of each version.

Instant Play Casinos

Firstly, the reason why an instant play casino is sometimes referred to as a flash casino is because it uses Flash technology (created by Adobe). This allows the slots to be played in your web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer). To be able to play at an instant play casino, the Flash plug-in needs to be installed and enabled.

As you will see from the list above, all the represented on offer an instant play casino. The reason for this is that players can access casino games straight from an online casino’s website. It is quick and easy and there is no need to download any software. Downloading software can take time so an instant play casino provides players with a quick and ‘instant’ way of playing their favourite casino games.

Now, if you don’t like a particular slot game or don’t like the online casino you are playing at, all you need to do is close your browser. With a download casino, you would need to uninstall the software which will take up time. With a click of the mouse, you can be playing at another online casino in seconds.

With an instant play casino, you will not use up valuable memory space on your computer or laptop. As there is no downloading of any software, your computer or laptop can operate faster without a load in the memory. However, cookies and temporary internet files will be stored on your computer – these are small and somewhat insignificant. Using an instant play casino will ensure you are not downloading any viruses as there is no software to download.

One of the main reasons for using an instant play casino over a download casino is having the ability to play your favourite casino games from wherever you please. You can choose to play on multiple computer devices and in various locations such as a friend’s house or even at work! You are allowed to access your online casino account by simply remembering your username and password anywhere in the world (well, almost – no USA!).

Let me give you an example – many company laptops don’t allow the users to download certain applications. You can just visit the online casino website and play via the browser. I’ve been in hotels before on business and have been bored after working all day. A great way to pass the time is to play my favourite slots.

One negative though of using an instant play casino is that some software providers only offer certain games in the download version. If you take Playtech, you can only play the Rome & Glory slot game via the download casino. Furthermore, graphics tend to be better in download casinos as you download the game images yourself.

Download Casinos

Download casinos were more popular a few years back. Microgaming were known for offering the best download casinos on the internet. Players can download the casino games’ resources directly to their computers which mean that games load faster and play quicker. However, the size of a download casino can be pretty big so make sure there is sufficient space on your device.

As stated above, software providers sometimes only created games for the download casino whilst all their games are available in the instant play casino. If you take Monty Python’s Spamalot slot game, it is only available at Paddy Power Casino or bet365 Casino via the download application (it’s a great game by the way!).

Download or Instant Play?

There are more positives for the instant play casino than the download casino – I may be a little biased but I prefer the instant play casino. Download casinos are becoming a thing of the past with all casinos now offering instant play versions. Casino players prefer choice nowadays so tend to play with various online casinos. Downloading the software for 4 or 5 online casinos is a drain on their computer devices so the instant play versions are better.

Internet connection speeds are much quicker nowadays so the games truly are instant. If you take Net Entertainment for example, all their games are for instant play casinos – they don’t even have a download version of their games. We now live in a fast paced environment where freedom is key. Being able to access your likes online 24/7 seems so be key nowadays – the instant play casino offers you this.

As I stated in the opening paragraph, the choice is down to personal preferences. I know many slots players like to try out the latest games all the time so the instant play gives them that flexibility. You don’t want to download the game and then not like it.

I would recommend you try both an instant play and download casino to see what suits you best. 32Red Casino offer both by the way. Personally, as a slots player, it depends on the slot game you are going to play – I will download software if I want to play a certain game or visit the instant play casino. For me, it’s down to the slot itself. Saying that, all the better slots are available to play in your browser nowadays as you’ll rarely find a game only available in a download casino – think that settles the argument.

Got a better idea of which version to play? Read our Ten Commandments of Playing Slots Online to help you enjoy your online casino experience.