Casinos Bonuses Details

Casino bonuses are offered by every single online casino out there – this is no different for the casinos represented on This article looks at the finer details of a casino bonus including wagering requirements, game restrictions/eligibility and what category of a bonus they are.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements (or play through requirements) are used to protect an online casino from players abusing their casino bonuses. It basically means the number of times you need to wager your deposit or bonus (or deposit plus bonus) so that you can withdraw the bonus amount.

For example, CasinoRoom offers you an exclusive 100% welcome bonus up to £500 – so if you deposited £500, you would get £500 free (you can deposit as little as £15 though to get a 100% match. It comes with 35 times bonus play through requirements. If you were to take the maximum £500 bonus available, you would need to wager £500 35 times – that’s £17,500 in wagering. Once you have done this, you can withdraw the bonus amount.

As mentioned above, online casinos impose wagering requirements so their bonuses are not abused. If you take the CasinoRoom example above, the wagering for the full £500 bonus is £17,500 (35 x £500 = £17,500). If you work out the average house edge that CasinoRoom has, it’s around 4%. If you multiply 4% times £17,500 that would give you £700. £700 is £200 higher than the £500 maximum bonus being offered. On average, CasinoRoom will not lose on every welcome bonus being offered – if they did, they would be out of business.

Game Restrictions/Eligible Casino Games

When it comes to welcome bonuses, slots contribute 100% to the wagering so can you play your heart out on slots! This means that wagering on blackjack and roulette won’t count to the wagering requirements. Every single bonus represented on will have the wagering requirements and the eligible casino games you can play. Our focus is slot games so will mention the recommended slots that can be played for a particular bonus. The hard work has been done on our part so you don’t have to read the terms and conditions basically – that’s if you trust us!

Bonus Codes

Some online casinos require players to input a bonus code to claim a bonus of some kind. If you take CasinoRoom for example, you need to use the promo code CRBONUS when depositing in order to get the exclusive 100% welcome bonus up to £5000. There is no particular reason why any online casino chooses to do this or not but it’s down to how their bonus system works. Players are sometimes offered custom bonuses that are valid for a specific period of time so use bonus codes – this way, players will enter the relevant bonus code to claim the relevant offer.

Bonus Categories

Bonuses come under different categories – for example, some are cashable, some are sticky type I and some are sticky type II. The differences between them are quite apparent and will affect what you can do with the particular bonus. Here’s a definition of these bonus categories:

Cashable Bonuses

The meaning of cashable bonuses is easy to guess – you can cash the bonus out if you complete the wagering requirements (and play the eligible casino games). You need to consider that bonuses do have timeframes – some are only valid for 48 hours or a week – read the terms and conditions before you claim a bonus.

One condition that most online casinos have is that your bonus will be withdrawn if you request a cashout. If you want to make a withdrawal, check with the customer support team that have completed the wagering requirements. If you are happy to lose the bonus amount, then go ahead with your cashout request. Make sure winnings are not deducted too – I recommend strongly that you contact the casino’s support team just in case.

Sticky Type I Bonuses

Sticky type I bonuses are defined as bonuses that you can use to wager with but cannot be withdrawn – so if you deposit £100 and get a 100% bonus, you will receive £100 free. You would have £200 to play technically. Once you request a cashout, the £100 bonus will be removed. No online casinos on offer sticky type 1 bonuses – I highly recommend that if a bonus is sticky type I, you don’t claim or take up the bonus offer. There is no point as you can’t withdraw the bonus amount.

Sticky Type II Bonuses

Sticky II type bonuses are defined as bonuses that you can use to wager but won’t be removed once you withdraw. You can use the bonus to wager and generate more winnings but you can’t ever withdraw the bonus amount. Sticky type II bonuses are better than sticky type I bonuses but in general, stick to cashable bonuses. Saying that, none of the bonuses promoted on are either sticky type I or sticky type II bonuses.


You need to be aware of the wagering requirements and game restrictions a bonus imposes. 30 times deposit is very good in my opinion when it comes to slot bonuses – the bonuses/promotions advertised on will show you exactly what is required of you in order to cash out the bonus amounts.

Cashable bonuses are the only bonuses that are available on this website. If you come across a bonus that is not cashable, I recommend you shouldn’t play the bonus. If you want to still play, contact the customer support teams who will remove the bonus from your account if you ask.