Read our Beginners Guide to Playing Slots OnlineWe’ve added a Beginners Guide to Playing Slots Online in our Guides & Info section – this is aimed at newer players who want to receive some good advice and tips.

Slot games have increased in popularity since the internet started due to the fact that software providers can produce a large variety of slots with very little overheads (i.e. no need to produce an actual slot machine!). This means you will see a lot of online slots being advertised on TV, on popular websites and even on Facebook.

The aim of the beginners guide is to make you feel comfortable playing online slots. We’ve looked many aspects regarding slots from why you should play them online to details regarding casino bonuses. Here’s a table highlighting what you can expect:

1. Why play slots online? This highlights the advantages and disadvantage of playing online rather than in a real casino.

2. Is Playing Slots Online Fair and Safe? This article looks at the casinos where you can play and how secure and stable they are as well as what to look out for.

3. Where are Online Casinos Based and Licensed? This looks at the regulation side of things with all the measures an operator needs to go through to gain a trading license.

4. Should I play at a Download or an Instant Play Casino? There are 2 types of casinos to play at and this article looks at the positives and negatives of each type.

5. Ten Commandments of Play Slots Online These 10 tips will give you a great guideline of how you should go about playing your favourite slot games online.

6. Manage Your Online Slots Bankroll This article is all about making the most out of your slots money – probably the most important article in the section.

7. Types of Casino Bonuses There are many casino bonuses being offered to players – learn what the differences between them are and what is best for you.

8. Casino Bonuses Details This article looks at the finer details of a bonus like wagering requirements, eligible games, bonus codes and whether you can cash them out or not.

If you are new to online slots or want to brush up on your knowledge, please read the articles above. We want you to be happy with your online gaming experience so you can enjoy the many great slot games online!